Karine Caimo

Welcome on the online gallery of my ceramic art work. What started in 2015 as a hobby at the Academy of Visual Arts of Anderlecht, became a personal art studio in my garden, let’s say a woman’s cave where I can hide and dissolve in my own fantasy world between porcelain, clay and glazes.

It is so relaxing to work with these natural materials. My hands need to ground, it’s a way of meditation. It passions me how you can create all kind of sculptures from just raw materials.

Art is chaos taking shape

Ceramic Studio

My studio is small and I like to have real contact with people. The combination makes that I only give private lessons in wheel throwing, glazing, sculpturing, modeling, making molds, …

We can discuss together what you want to learn, how many hours and when you want to come.


Do you have a project in mind? Contact me for inquiries

Baking service

I also offer baking service in my studio. Do you have work that is completely dry and needs to be biscuit fired, or glazed work for the glaze firing, we look together how and when it can be fired.


De Ludo – Art Gallery – 15 till 21 May 2023

Lange Kievitstraat – Antwerpen

10am – 6pm every day